Seven great reasons to do a facial massage

Hello guys, my name is Mila, and I was working as an international model for the past 13 years. During this time, I had to travel a lot, and sometimes I needed it to wake up at 3 am to catch a flight at 6 am to be on set at 9 am. As you all know, the most important for a model is to look beautiful and fresh, especially during a photoshoot. Which sometimes can last for more than 8 hours. That's why I desperately was looking for a solution on how to keep my face always fresh. Especially after a short amount of sleep and long stressful days. For that reason, I started to do Self Facial Massage. I was learning different techniques from makeup artists, massage therapists around the world. Doing a self-face massage helped to make my face more relaxed, remove dark circles under the eyes and puffiness. Three years ago, I went to a massage session in Europe and was introduced to Meghan Markle's favourite Facial: Buccal massage, which includes a massage inside the mouth that will relax your jaw muscles. I never felt so blessed in my life. My skin was glowing after this massage, felt terrific and lifted. After that, I decided to become a certified facial specialist and help women all around the world to look and feel better. 

      Here are some benefits from facial massage:
  • Massaging face promotes oxygen and blood flow in our skin and reduces puffiness.
  • It creates a brighter skin tone and appearance.
  • Increase collagen production, which prevents the formation of wrinkles. Massage works like a natural facelift.
  • Headaches relief.
  • These techniques release the toxins and prevent them from building up in your face. 
  • Massaging your eye area helps combat puffy eyes, leaving the area brighter and more youthful-looking.
  • Buccal massage improves circulation, releases tension, smooths facial lines, increases collagen production makes lips look plumper. 
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To keep the results, you need to do this massage constantly. That's why I teach these techniques every week. We get together in Zoom or Skype, where I'm showing different movements, and you repeat them under my supervision. The session lasts around 40 minutes. You can do a weekly group session or a private one. And I teach in Russian and English.  After the massage, your face will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Here are some photo examples from our group sessions.

Client reviews 

"Face self-massage is the unique opportunity to experience indeed SPA-treatment at home. Mila’s guidelines are clear, understandable and well-defined. Meanwhile, the most crucial part is its efficacy! I’ve noticed that after the procedure elasticity of a skin rises and the healthy complexion comes back. During self-isolation, this beauty routine has become my favourite one. Also, it is an additional way to celebrate myself. Furthermore, I have to admit that Mila is a gifted trainer. She can easily manage classes via Zoom and provide each participant with thoughtful comments and advice."

Marta, 29 y.o.

"Я сделала несколько сессий массажа с Милой и могу вам сказать: результат налицо (и на лице). Мила умеет хорошо и доступно объяснить техники, помогает настроиться на работу над собою и расслабиться во время сессии, всегда поможет скорректировать движения, если ты что-то делаешь неверно. После массажа лицо обрело тонус, морщинки уменьшились, а боли в шее и висках - моя вечная проблема после трудового дня, исчезли. Спасибо тебе, Мила!"

Irina, 30 y.o.

"Great massage, thank you, Mila. I love to have this weekly routine and enjoying my time during massage "

Alena, 35 y.o.

"After a facial massage with Mila, I can definitely say that she knows how to do magic with my face! I totally enjoyed classes thanks to her ability to explain techniques clearly and guide you, when necessary. After a few sessions, you may see a light lifting effect, your face will be shining, and migraines, if any, will disappear slowly. Thank you, Mila for making me healthy and beautiful!"

Yra, 32 y.o.

"Mila is a great face massage mentor. The way she explains the movements is simple and informative. It is perfect for girls who want to relax and release face muscle tension. Love the atmosphere during our zoom sessions."

Lena, 32 y.o.

"Mila, thank you so much for this experience!
After a few weeks of face massage I fill that my facial muscles are not that tense anymore. My skin tone became more fresh and even. I notice that the swelling decreased. Massage also helps me to reduce headache and I sleep better after it."
Masha, 38 y.o.

"Массаж лица под чутким руководством Милы-это потрясающая процедура. 
Все объяснено просто, доступно и при этом грамотно. А самое главное что эффект не заставил себя ждать: уменьшаются отеки, улучшается цвет лица.  Надо также отметить что Мила - очень структурированный и внимательный тренер, она успешно подправляет технику всех участников!"
Marina, 33 y.o.

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